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    Nathalie ARHEL/ Sebastien NISOLE- Viral Trafficking, Restriction and Innate Immunity


    Our team is interested in the mechanisms that control host-virus interactions at the level of the infected cell. Viruses rely on cellular transport machineries to travel from their site of entry to their site of replication, assembly and egress, with speed and efficiency to avoid rapid overpowering by the cell’s innate immunity and degradation machineries. We study how viruses use these cellular transport machineries for intracellular trafficking, including nuclear import for viruses that replicate in the nucleus such as HIV, and conversely how the cell responds to viral infections by initiating efficient intrinsic and innate immunities. In particular, we seek to understand the cellular pathways that mediate host-innate immune response to viral infection, focusing on the molecular mechanisms triggering interferon response following viral infections. Our aims are to (i) identify the determinants of viral movement within cells, (ii) characterize the mediators of the antiviral activity of interferon, (iii) determine the role of post-translational modifications in the control of viral infections

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    Directeur de la Publication : J.M. Mesnard - Comité Editorial : S. Kohler, P. Diamante,