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    Stephan KÖHLER-Bacterial pathogeny and anti-infectious strategies

    Brucellosis is one of the major bacterial zoonoses worldwide, responsible for acute and chronic infections of humans. Its etiological agent, Brucella sp., is a facultatively intracellular pathogen which has developed various mechanisms of adaptation to its host. Our team of bacteriologists calls on approaches in bacteriology, molecular genetics, biochemistry and cellular biology to study, on one hand, the adaptation of Brucella sp. to environmental conditions encountered in the host. On the other hand, the virulence mechanisms of atypical and recently described Brucella species are analyzed. We also work on a project of development of novel anti-infective agents targeting an enzyme of amino acid metabolism, essential for the intramacrophagic replication of Brucella et Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

    the Team

    Team leader : Stephan Köhler
    Stephan Köhler - Senior researcher, DR2 INSERM, HDR.
    Véronique Jubier-Maurin - Senior researcher, CR1 CNRS, HDR.
    Alessandra Occhialini-Cantet - Senior researcher, MCF Université Montpellier, HDR.
    Safia Ouahrani-Bettache - Engineer, IE1 INSERM.
    Maria-Alessandra Damiano - Post-Doc, Infectiopôle Sud.
    Financial support : Infectiopôle Sud.
    Luca Freddi - Ph.D. student CBS2 Montpellier, Infectiopôle Sud.
    Financial support : Infectiopôle Sud.

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    Trainees, Ph.D., Post-Docs

    We welcome candidates trained in microbiology, molecular genetics or biochemistry, but also senior microbiologists (with CNRS, INSERM, or University positions), interested in the team projects.

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    During the past four years, five Ph.D. theses have been defended and we have hosted many student trainees (Bachelors, Masters, IUT).

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    Directeur de la Publication : J.M. Mesnard - Comité Editorial : S. Kohler, P. Diamante,