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    Jean-Michel MESNARD - Players in the Pathogenesis of the Retroviral Infections (PPRI)

    The team is interested in viral proteins whose involvement in infection (HIV-1 Tat) or cell transformation is well established (HBZ, the Human bZIP factor of HTLV-1). We also study the HIV-1 antisense protein (ASP) whose role is still unknown. Our studies aim to identify the function and the biological activity of these proteins both in viral multiplication and in the pathogenic effects linked to infection.

    The Team

    Team members (2016, January)

    Jean-Michel Mesnard – DR1 CNRS
    Bruno Beaumelle – DR2 CNRS
    Antoine Gross – CR1 CNRS
    Jean-Marie Péloponèse – CR1 CNRS
    Charlotte André – AI CNRS
    Elodie Cassan – Doctorante (MRT Grant)
    Juliette Savoret – Doctorante (MRT Grant)
    Malvina Schatz – Doctorante (MRT Grant)
    Marie Térol – Doctorante (MRT Grant)
    Bao Viet Tong Phuoc – Doctorant (Grant from French ambassady in Viêtnam)

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    Directeur de la Publication : J.M. Mesnard - Comité Editorial : S. Kohler, P. Diamante,