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    Caroline GOUJON- Interferon and antiviral restriction

    ATIP-Avenir group (since the 1st of January 2015)

    Interferon is produced by infected cells following the detection of pathogenic viruses and bacteria and is the first line of defence against infection. Interferon induces several hundred genes both in infected and surrounding cells, which, in turn, induce an antiviral state. My team is interested in the effectors of this antiviral state and the mechanisms of the antiviral restriction, as well as the innate immune signalling potentially induce by the antiviral factors. HIV-1 and influenza A virus are both sensitive to the interferon-induced antiviral state in human cells, partly because of the activity of the Mx GTPases (MX1 and MX2). We aim at understanding the mechanism of action of Mx proteins, investigating their potential role in innate immune signalling, as well as identifying new actors of the antiviral state against these major human pathogenic viruses.

    The team

    Group leader : Caroline Goujon

    Contact :
    Phone number : +33 4 34 35 94 33
    Email address :

    Lab members : (Oct. 2015)
    - Caroline Goujon, PhD, INSERM researcher (CR1) :
    - Olivier Moncorgé, PhD, ANRS-funded postdoc :
    - Rémi Planès, PhD, Sidaction-funded postdoc

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    Key words

    Interferon, HIV-1, influenza A virus, restriction factors, MX1 and MX2 GTPases, interferon-stimulated genes, antiviral state, innate immunity, signalling

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    Directeur de la Publication : J.M. Mesnard - Comité Editorial : S. Kohler, P. Diamante,