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    Marylène Mougel/Metabolism of retroviral RNA

    We are interested in the molecular and structural biology of retroviruses, with particular interest to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and murine leukemia virus (MLV). Our research focuses on metabolism of viral RNA and replication of retroviruses. Retroviruses preserve a pre-RNA pool with retained introns that encodes proteins and/or reaches the plasma membrane to be packaged as genome into progeny viruses. Our projects focus on understanding the mechanisms controlling the viral RNA fate, specially the steps leading to specific RNA encapsidation into new assembling particles. Molecular genetic, biochemical and microscopy approaches are employed to investigate intracellular RNA trafficking, viral protein interactions, RNA recognition and encapsidation, and cellular factors involved in virus replication and assembly.

    Team composition

    Group Leader Marylène MOUGEL

    Team composition (2015)

    Marylène Mougel - DR2 CNRS
    Sébastien lainé - MCU- UM
    Célia Chamontin - AI UM
    Mireia Ferrer Almirall - Chercheure postdoctorante
    Jean Marc Jacqué - Chercheur postdoctorant
    Yara Tasrini - Master2 UM
    Clément Mazaud - Master2 UM

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