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    Delphine MURIAUX-Cyril FAVARD / Membrane Domains and Viral Assembly

    We are studying the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in virus-lipids interactions during viral assembly and cell to cell transmission, using interdisciplinary approaches.

    The spatio-temporal evolution of lipid-virus assembly in living cells (i.e. membrane domain generation by viral protein and cortical actin dynamic variation upon viral infection) has not yet been fully described at the molecular level. We aim at characterizing the respective roles of viral proteins and host-cell lipids or sub-plasma membrane constituents (such as cortical actin cytoskeleton) in the establishment of cooperative nanodomains at the plasma membrane during the assembly of enveloped viruses affecting human beings (HIV-1 and influenza H1N1 viruses).

    Team Composition

    Team Leaders : Delphine Muriaux & Cyril Favard

    Members (Apr’17)

    Tél : +33 434 359 463 / +33 434 359 464

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    Since we have started the team in 2012, two Ph.D. thesis has been defended in the lab. We are welcoming masters, Ph.Ds and postdocs originating from different fields such as Physics, Biology, Computing and Chemistry. Permanent researchers are also welcome to join us.

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