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    Delphine MURIAUX - Cyril FAVARD

    Publications récentes (2008-2017)


    1. Yandrapalli N, Lubart Q, Tanwar HS, Picart C, Mak J, Muriaux D, Favard C. Self assembly of HIV-1 Gag protein on lipid membranes generates PI(4,5)P2/Cholesterol nanoclusters. Sci Rep.,23 ;6:39332. PubMed
    2. Ahi YS, Zhang S, Thappeta Y, Denman A, Feizpour A, Gummuluru S, Reinhard B, Muriaux D, Fivash MJ, Rein A. Functional Interplay Between Murine Leukemia Virus Glycogag, Serinc5, and Surface Glycoprotein Governs Virus Entry, with Opposite Effects on Gammaretroviral and Ebolavirus Glycoproteins. mBio,7(6), pii : e01985-16 PubMed
    3. Kerviel A, Dash S, Moncorgé O, Panthu B, Prchal J, Décimo D, Ohlmann T, Lina B, Favard C, Decroly E, Ottmann M, Roingeard P, Muriaux D. Involvement of an Arginine Triplet in M1 Matrix Protein Interaction with Membranes and in M1 Recruitment into Virus-Like Particles of the Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 Virus. PLoS One.11(11):e0165421 PubMed
    4. Balme S, Coulon PE, Lepoitevin M, Charlot B, Yandrapalli N, Favard C, Muriaux D, Bechelany M, Janot JM. Influence of Adsorption on Proteins and Amyloid Detection by Silicon Nitride Nanopore. Langmuir. 32(35):8916-25. PubMed
    5. Mariani-Floderer C, Sibarita JB, Favard C,Muriaux DM. Hunting Down HIV-1 Gag Proteins at the Plasma Membrane of Human T Lymphocytes. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 32(7):658-9. (cover page) PubMed
    6. Martinez E, Allombert J, Cantet F, Lakhani A, Yandrapalli N, Neyret A, Norville IH, Favard C, Muriaux D, Bonazzi M. Coxiella burnetii effector CvpB modulates phosphoinositide metabolism for optimal vacuole development. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. ;113(23):E3260-9. PubMed
    7. Mercredi PY, Bucca N, Loeliger B, Gaines CR, Mehta M, Bhargava P, Tedbury PR, Charlier L, Floquet N, Muriaux D, Favard C, Sanders CR, Freed EO, Marchant J, Summers MF. Structural and Molecular Determinants of Membrane Binding by the HIV-1 Matrix Protein. J Mol Biol. ;428(8):1637-55. PubMed


    1. Rodríguez-Mora S, Mateos E, Moran M, Martín MÁ, López JA, Calvo E, Terrón MC, Luque D, Muriaux D, Alcamí J, Coiras M, López-Huertas MR. Intracellular expression of Tat alters mitochondrial functions in T cells : a potential mechanism to understand mitochondrial damage during HIV-1 replication. Retrovirology,12,78-102
    2. A. Thomas, C. Mariani-Floderer, M.-R. Lopez-Huertas, N. Gros, E. Hamard-Péron, C. Favard, T. Ohlmann, J. Alcami, and D. Muriaux. Involvement of the Rac1-IRSp53-Wave2-Arp2/3 signaling pathway in HIV-1 Gag particle release in CD4 T cells. J. Virol.,89(16), 8162-81
    3. Bernaud J, Castelnovo M, Muriaux D, Faivre-Moskalenko C. Atomic force microscopy : a tool to analyze the viral cycle. Med Sci 31(5), 522-8.
    4. S Adjili, A Favier*, G Fargier, A. Thomas, J Massin, K Monier, C Favard, C Vanbelle, S Bruneau, N Peyriéras, C Andraud, D Muriaux*, M-T Charreyre*. *Corresponding authors. Biocompatible Photoresistant Far-Red Emitting Fluorescent Polymer Probes with Near-Infrared Two-Photon Absorption for Living Cell and Zebrafish Embryo Imaging. Biomaterials, 46, 70-81.


    1. Mariani C, Desdouits M, Favard C, Benaroch P, Muriaux D. Role of Gag and lipids during HIV-1 assembly in CD4(+) T cells and macrophages. Front Microbiol,5, 312-317.
    2. Yandrapalli N, Muriaux D, Favard C. Lipid domains in HIV-1 assembly. Front Microbiol,5,220-225.
    3. J.M. Escoffre, M. Hubert, J. Teissié, M.P. Rols, C. Favard. Evidence for electro-induced membrane defects assessed by lateral mobility measurement of a GPi anchored protein Eur. Biophys. J.,43(6-7),277-86 .
    4. S Adjili, A Favier, J Massin, Y Bretonnière, W Lacour, Y-C Lin, E Chatre, C Place, C Favard, D Muriaux, C Andraud, M-T Charreyre. Synthesis of Multifunctional Lipid-Polymer Conjugates : Application to the Elaboration of Bright Far-Red Fluorescent Lipid Probes. RSC Adv., 4 (30), 15569-78.
    5. L. Charlier, M. Louet, L. Chaloin, P. Fuchs, J. Martinez, D. Muriaux, C. Favard* & N. Floquet*. Coarse Grained Simulations of the HIV-1 Matrix Protein Anchoring : revisiting its assembly on membrane domains. *co-last authors. Biophys. J., 4 ;106(3):577-85.
    6. C. Faivre-Moskalenko, A. Thomas, K. Tartour, J. Bernaud, Y. Beck, M. Iazykov, J. Danial, M. Lourdin, D. Muriaux* & M. Castelnovo*. RNA control of HIV-1 particle size polydispersity. *co-last authors. PLOS one, 24 ;9(1):e83874.


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    1. Berger G, Durand S, Fargier G, Nguyen XN, Cordeil S, Bouaziz S, Muriaux D, Darlix JL, Cimarelli A. APOBEC3A is a specific inhibitor of the early phases of HIV-1 infection in myeloid cells. PLoS Pathog ;7(9):e1002221.
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    3. F.Perugi, D.Muriaux, B.C.Ramirez, S.Chabani, E.Decroly, JL.Darlix, V.Blot & C.Pique Human Discs Large is a new negative regulator of HIV-1 infectivity. Mol.Cell.Biol. ; 20:498-508.
    4. Taulet N, Comunale F, Favard C, Charrasse S, Bodin S, Gauthier-Rouvière C. N-cadherin/p120 catenin association at cell-cell contacts occurs in cholesterol-rich membrane domains and is required for RhoA activation and myogenesis. J Biol Chem ; 284(34):23137-45.
    5. Portet T, Camps i Febrer F, Escoffre JM, Favard C, Rols MP, Dean DS. Visualization of membrane loss during the shrinkage of giant vesicles under electropulsation. Biophys J ; 96(10):4109-21.


    1. Macia E, Partisani M, Favard C, Mortier E, Zimmermann P, Carlier MF, Gounon P, Luton F, Franco M. The pleckstrin homology domain of the Arf6-specific exchange factor EFA6 localizes to the plasma membrane by interacting with phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate and F-actin. J Biol Chem ; 283(28):19836-44.
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    3. Bosch, B., Grigorov, B., JL. Darlix, D. Muriaux & J. Esté. A clathrin-dynamin-dependent endocytic pathway for the uptake of HIV-1 by direct T cell-T cell transmission. Antiviral Research ; 80:185-93.
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    Directeur de la Publication : J.M. Mesnard - Comité Editorial : S. Kohler, P. Diamante,